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El Baston del Rey Whiskey

101-1257-9898897 | El Baston del Rey Whiskey

Baston del Rey Whiskey starts off it’s life as an ultra-premium, aged Canadian Whiskey, and it is finished for about a year in our Extra Añejo barrels.  To the nose, there is oak, cherry, orange blossom, cinnamon, vanilla and a delicious mixture of grains. In the mouth, it is reminiscent of a fine bourbon at the beginning with maple syrup, vanilla, cinnamon, tangerine, bitter chocolate and butter flavors, and then has the long, spectacular finish of our Extra Añejo.  Clean, bright, amber, crystalline and full-bodied, this American Whiskey invites you to enjoy it as a fine sipping whiskey, or to put a new and wonderful twist on your favorite whiskey cocktails.  Try it in an Old Fashioned, using peach bitters instead of regular bitters, or finish a wonderful evening with friends by sipping it straight.

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