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El Baston del Rey Extra Anejo

101-1257-9898896 | El Baston del Rey Extra Anejo

Baston del Rey Extra Añejo is aged in French Oak barrels for 3 ½ years.  It’s made for the true lover of fine spirits and is almost a sensual experience.  With a deep, rich color, and a unique aroma and flavor, our Extra Añejo is one of the finest sipping spirits in the world.  From the start, the aroma alone can satisfy with notes of pear and burnt marshmallow with hints of cherry and vanilla. This tequila is like liquid candy with a body that lingers on the palate – the unique flavors just keep going! Our Extra Añejo is smooth and complex with a natural sweetness that makes it a memorable after-dinner aperitif or the perfect way to end a day

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